Contingent Placement

Enhance your existing staff with contingent specialists:

Contract Staffing – We provide independent resources for contracted, time-definite assignments to act as supplementary resources to your team. This allows business leaders to increase productivity under a variable cost environment.

Interim Executives – The depth and breadth of our network allows us to quickly present experienced executives to manage your business units during transitional periods.

Successful Interim Staffing in today’s market requires solid relationships and contacts within the profession, awareness of talent availability, subject matter expertise, the ability to develop candidates who can “hit the ground running” on client projects, and the capability to provide medical and supplementary benefits to entice the top talent.

Additional Resources:

Staff AugmentationThe Fennimore Group can design and implement professional business solutions that result in superior efficiency and effectiveness utilizing a proprietary approach to workflow optimization and improvement. The Fennimore Group will allocate a dedicated professional or team to create and facilitate this service, and fees are based on the scope of work provided. Click Here to contact a change management professional at The Fennimore Group.

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