Recuriting Vendor Mgt

It requires time & money working with a number of staffing providers, which has benefits, but drawbacks as well. Our goal is to retain the benefits of working with many providers with the convenience of managing one.

Let Fennimore Solutions handle all of your vendor solicitation, negotiate and manage all recruitment contracts, assign and coordinate all job requisitions, manage vendors and candidates through the full cycle of sourcing and selection, and administer payments to each provider. Our compensation is included in the total placement fee, which is paid upon hire.

Engage Fennimore Solutions to manage all staffing firm day-to-day activities, and reap the following benefits:

  • Prioritize Time: With all recruiting providers and candidates managed through one source, Internal HR team and Hiring Managers can focus on the selection process;
  • No Recruiting Firm Solicitations: All business development calls from staffing firms are referred to Fennimore, eliminating time spent on cold calls from vendors;
  • One Invoice, One Payee: All fees are a result of successful hires and are paid only to Fennimore, which then distributes payments to staffing firms through a standardized, shared fee agreement;
  • Performance Management: Preliminary interviews are standardized, resulting in consistent and equal comparison of candidates. Staffing firm performance is also monitored, and reports are prepared for client review, assuring continuous improvement in vendor utilization.

To see how Recruiting Vendor Management works and how it can benefit your staffing providers, Click Here.

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